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Our partners include cutting-edge companies across various industries.

How PaySpyre works for businesses

Quick and easy application origination

Our online application process is quick and easy. Your unique vendor number will ensure your clients apply for financing with your business. Your clients only need a few minutes to apply for the financing they need.

Risk assessment

Access professional risk assessment on all applications using a combination of traditional and alternative credit scoring. Our system processes applications efficiently, and our underwriters are experienced in ensuring risks are minimized.

Loan management system

Level the playing field with banks and 3rd party lenders by getting access to our enterprise-level loan management system that makes managing the full life cycle of your finance portfolio a breeze. This full-service system includes the ability to take payments in-house and apply them directly to the client’s loan account.

Automated notifications

We want the finance experience to be seamless for borrowers and our vendors. We know this isn’t your primary business, meaning it needs to be efficient so you can focus on other things. Notifications for application status, payment reminders, past due reminders (and more) are all automatically sent via email or text.

Automatic payments

We designed PaySpyre to be supremely convenient for both you and your clients, facilitating automatic payments directly from your clients’ bank accounts. We handle all the payments, so you can just sit back and watch the payments come in.

Collections support

Don’t know all the rules and regulations around the collection of debt? Want to maintain your focus on business growth activities? You can rest assured knowing our expertly trained staff are here to assist in the collection management and processes needed to make your finance program successful.


We’ll provide you with the reporting you need to assess your finance portfolio and present to your bookkeeper or accountant.

Borrower portals

Every one of your finance clients has their own borrower portal to make payments, view transactions and account balances, update information, and request an additional loan(s). This saves you time by giving them direct access to the information they need.

Customized financial products

Your business needs and objectives are unique, and your finance program should be too. We’ll customize your financial product offerings to suit your specific goals.

Training and expertise

We’re here to provide you with the tools you need to be successful. We’ll provide you with systems training and be available to address any concerns or questions.

How to get started

Sign up

Signing up for PaySpyre is easy. We’ll do all the heavy lifting. Simply reach out on behalf of your business, and we’ll get you up and running ASAP.

Customize for your needs

We’re experienced financial experts, which means you don’t have to be. We’ve thought of every detail and are here to guide you through the process and manage your finance portfolio. We’ll work together to create a customized finance program that you and your customers will be excited about.

Let your clients know and say “yes” more

Differentiate yourself from your competitors by offering financing that meets today’s clients’ need for affordable payment options. Your clients get the product, service, or care they need today via payments they can afford. Say “yes” more!

Businesses we’ve helped

“PaySpyre has made a very impactful change in the lives of my patients. Dental treatment can be costly at times and I never want patients to feel as though they are in a tough spot dealing with the cost of their treatment. PaySpyre has helped our patients make decisions that are right for them and their oral health with payments that are customized to them and their needs.”

J. Drever, DDS

“In the dental profession, one of the more significant challenges we face is making patient-centric dentistry accessible to everyone. Finances are a common barrier so being able to direct patients to a solution which is both straight-forward and manageable is something we are pleased to be on board with. We have witnessed first-hand the positive impact PaySpyre has had on our patients’ lives, and seeing those we care for, healthy, happy and reassured is success in our books!”

Leanne, Practice Manager – Kelowna Dental Centre

“Financial barriers often force patients to settle for dentistry that doesnt have the potential to last a lifetime. As a dentist that is frustrating and discouraging. Payspire has given my patients the ability to finally get the dentistry they deserve.”

Trent Orth, DDS

Why smart businesses love PaySpyre

It’s easy to use

PaySpyre is easy to integrate whether you have an existing program in place or are new to financing. Our easy-to-use software and training program means you’ll be well-equipped to jump right in and maximize its features and functionality.

Customizable for complete control

PaySpyre works directly with you to develop customized financial solutions that fit your distinct business needs and objectives.

We’re an extension of your team

With PaySpyre, you get a financial services partner, we’re not a middleman. Think of us as an extension of your team with a vested interest in seeing your finance program be successful. You can count on us to always be there for you.

We unlock huge potential

We designed PaySpyre’s financing solutions to meet the needs of today’s businesses: expand your client base, increase average order value, and reach more customers.

High-margin revenue

PaySpyre empowers businesses to earn more revenue without offering new products or services by providing their customers with flexible payment plans that redefine “affordable.” We help businesses sell more, increase their average order value, and realize a brand-new revenue stream.

It’s just a better way to finance

PaySpyre partners directly with businesses to deliver a seamless financing experience that puts you in control. You are no longer limited to the policies and procedures of 3rd party companies, allowing you to serve more customers and earn more business. It just makes sense.

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Are you tired of your clients saying “no” to large purchases? PaySpyre Financial provides your business with access to expertise, support, and software required to compete with traditional lenders and puts you in control—not a 3rd party company with their own business objectives.

We empower your business to provide professional financing making your products, services, or care more affordable to your clients. This boosts sales, increases the average value of each sale, provides an additional revenue stream, attracts new clients, and promotes client loyalty.

Of course. We’re here to do the heavy lifting for you by providing the platform and support you need to successfully introduce a customized finance program to your business and clients.

Of course. We’ll provide you with all the training you need to take full advantage of your new finance program, including leveraging the most effective ways to offer financing to your clients and how to use the system.